Recruiters and hiring managers have access to your profile in the Vanda app. The first step is to fill out your detailed Vanda profile. This profile also serves as your personalized online resume that you can send to employers.

How it works

Once you have completed your detailed Vanda profile we have what we need to connect you with a great job.
The profile is broken down into sections that match with sections employers fill out.
When you match, we send your profile to employers and they contact you. It's that simple.
No more searching for hours, just fill out the profile and land that job you really want.

Why Use Vanda

Your job search shouldn't feel like a job. Vanda acts like your personal recruiter and
has connections with the right people at the right job.

App Features

  • You start by filling out a basic profile
  • Add more info to complete your detailed profile
  • Vanda sends you feedback from real hiring managers on ways to improve
  • Hiring managers interested in your profile contact you about opportunities
  • Vanda provides you with your very own resume page link that you can send to employers
  • Add more info to complete your detailed profile

Vanda keeps you connected

While you sleep, while you tirelessly search other job sites, while you're at a job, Vanda is still working on finding you the right job

Beta testers welcome

We will contact you when the employee app is ready. Just fill out your detailed Vanda profile and you will be one of the first to get access.

It’s free!
optional in-app purchases are available

  • I was attracted to Vanda and the idea of a searchless job search. It's a great concept and I'm looking forward to getting connected.
    Melissa Allen, Cincinnati
  • As a technology recruiter, the Vanda app will be a irreplaceable tool for my business. Everyone in the country should at the very minimum have a Vanda profile for people like me to search.
    Troy davis, Cincinnati